Trying Rolled Ice Cream!!

Rolled ice cream has been sweeping the nation with its delicious flavors, vibrant colors, and savory flavors. I dont know about you guys, but my instagram and snapchat feed have been blowing up with these amazing rolled treats. Recently, I decided to try these treats myself. In downtown Pittsburgh, Lawerenceville to be exact, a rolled ice cream place called Naturoll opened. It has a super cute and urban theme inside, and seems to always have a line. The menu is full of unique and tasty combinations of ice cream and treats, and even gives you options to make your own combinations. IMG_2473IMG_2474Even though the ice cream itself is amazing, the way they make is even more amazing. They take your “ice cream” flavor, which you can choose between vanilla or chocolate. They then pour that and all the other ingredients that they need to make your treat, and smash them all together. They then spread it all out on a super cold tray, which freezes the ice cream immediately. When they have it all spread out evenly, they roll it up and put it in the cup with all the other toppings.

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I got the flavor Firework Cupcake, and it was amazing! If you have a rolled ice cream place near you, I would defiantly recommend getting some! Happy Eating!!IMG_2466



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