Mini Shopping Haul !!

Just yesterday, I went to an outlet mall, and got a few things that I wanted to share with you guys !! Also just wanted to let you guys know, this isn’t bragging at all, I just love doing hauls and showing you guys the stuff that I got ! I didn’t get too many things, but got some great deals and sales on a bunch of stores. I hope you enjoy !! xoxo

The first store we went into was Bath & Body Works. All of their 3 wick candles were on sale for $12.50 each, which is an amazing deal !! I got the candle ‘Good Vibes Only’ and it smells amazing !! It smells like vanilla and makes my whole room smell amazing. The first thing I did when I got home was light it, I love it so much !!!IMG_5878The second thing I got from Bath & Body Works was a free gift that I got from a coupon. You could choose from a mini body wash or a mini lotion, and I chose a body wash in the scent ‘Pretty as a Peach’. It smells amazing, and will be great to take on vacations or trips. IMG_7174The second store we went into was Aerie, and this is my absolute favorite store !! I love everything they have, and would buy the whole store if I could:). But the thing that really caught my eye was these sweatpants, which are SUPER soft. I know its summer time, but I couldn’t help myself, they were on sale for 30% off and I had a coupon for a 25% off your purchase there, so they were only about $15 !! Their amazing, and I would defiantly recommend getting them !!IMG_4864IMG_9218We then went to American Eagle, which is another fav of mine. Here I got 2 shirts, that I love !! They were both on the 60% clearance rack, and then I also had the 25% your purchase coupon. They were both $19.95 originally, but I got them both for around $11 !! Not gonna lie, I was super proud of myself for getting that deal:). They are both super cute for summer, and I can defiantly see myself wearing these a lot. IMG_5972IMG_3295The last store we went into was Pacsun, and this was the first thing I saw and I was in love. It’s this super cute light pink sweatshirt that says ‘Los Angeles’ on the front. This was bit more pricy at $35, but I loved it so much, so I had to get it:). I also got a bigger size, so that it would be oversized and super comfy. IMG_0890That’s all the stuff that I got !!! I hope you guys enjoyed this post 🙂

xoxo belle


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